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Thoughts from a Musician's Heart


In the course of my journey as a musician, I've encountered moments of faith that might resonate with other musicians. It's about navigating through moments of anxiety, finding peace in the face of daunting challenges, and learning to entrust every performance or project to God.

In recent years, I've encountered moments of increasing anxiety when faced with challenging situations, despite my prayers. I used to attribute this anxiety to the natural course of growing up, unaware that it might have also been rooted in an idea that I needed to personally aid God in resolving these challenges.

It wasn't until a pivotal moment earlier this year, before an important meeting, that I was reminded of a profound truth. As my anxiety peaked, a daily devotional caught my eye, echoing Psalms 55:22: "Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and he shall sustain thee." This message struck a chord within me, revealing that my reactions of extreme worry often stemmed from a misguided belief. I thought I needed to assist God in resolving challenges, doubting His ability or willingness to handle them for me. It was a revelation—a call to truly trust God, regardless of the outcome, and to know that His plan, even if different from my desires, was the best outcome for the long run.

Since that moment, I've recognized other instances where my excessive worry has affected important performances or projects, hindering my peace and focus due to anxious thoughts. Reflecting on these experiences, I've come to understand that my commitment to God should not be a sporadic act at the start of each day, week, and year. Instead, it should manifest as a continual, moment-by-moment decision of trust and obedience. I've learned the importance of entrusting every moment during a performance to God, cultivating a continuous reliance on His guidance and comfort. It's in these individual moments—the quiet seconds before a solo, the anticipation before signing a professional contract, or the moments before an important conversation/meeting—that our faith is truly tested. Each instance prompts us to reaffirm our confidence in God, to commit every aspect of our musical and life journey to Him.

As Proverbs 16:3 reminds us, "Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and thy thoughts will be established." By committing every moment to God, we can find peace and confidence in His guidance, which in return can have the effect of an antidote against fear and anxiety.  


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