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Thoughts from a Musician's Heart

How Great You Are Our God!

How faithful You are! There is none like You!

What a privilege to be invited by Café Jubalatte to share aspects of my lifetime walk with God, particularly the exciting gift of discovering that His promises revealed in the Holy Bible are true, even to old age …

Great is Your faithfulness our God! As the apostle John puts it,


This awesome God from His great heart of love, has bestowed gifts upon all his children:

Gifts to be discovered, to share with others, to be delighted in;

Gifts to challenge, to stretch us, to grow us;

Gifts to develop assurance, as in their use and sharing with others we realize the great diversity that is ours. As we read in James 1:17

Every good and every perfect gift is from above,

coming down from the Father of lights,

with Whom can be no variation,

neither shadow of turning…

As I read again and again this outpouring from the heart, that which God has planted there, that has born such fruit, it’s almost as if angels were singing words, telling me again all that God has done, reiterating as Mary, Jesus’ mother, poured out to her cousin Elizabeth, and as the Holy Spirit sings in my heart, “My soul magnifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Saviour”.

Today and every day I rejoice in God my Saviour who is Love; and in whose great heart of love the true God has bestowed upon us His children – including me – gifts to discover, to delight in, to share with others; to bring challenge, to bestow assurance of the great diversity that is ours, from God in Christ.

Before going any further you must meet my beloved “other half” John, the one whom God has given to share my life, and I his! We are of mature age now, and what joy it is to look back over our years, and see the extraordinary grace of God, His leading, His faithfulness, His provision of everything needed, detail by detail, for all that He called us to. God knew I was longing for the fruit of the Kingdom, particularly young people called to serve him with their musical gifts, together to be discipling those He called, leading to multitudes coming to know our Lord …

The vision: Reaching people of whatever age who have a heart to be witnesses in the performing arts world and to disciple others – hundreds of them – likewise seeking … and on, and on!

Such a “God season” began for us in Tasmania, Australia and became international after our meeting the late Dr. Patrick Kavanaugh and Barbara his wife, along with many other fine musicians now beloved friends in Christ.

To God be the Glory

Roslyn, a concert pianist, and John, a man of innumerable talents, moved from Australia to work ten years in America with the Christian Performing Artists' Fellowship and the Masterworks Festival. Their faithfulness and service with the Love of Jesus Christ is beyond measure. Thank you, Roslyn! Thank you, John!

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