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The Cosmic Audience

The year 2020 has wrought radical change. We performers are truly in the midst, wondering what our world “after-the-pandemic” will look like. I love how artists from around the world are working together in virtual ways to share hope, beauty, and comfort to vast audiences. Perhaps our audiences include more people than ever before?

Have you ever imagined being part of the “eternal” or “cosmic" audience, being one speck in a great cloud of music from the beginning of time?

“Be the audience in a time-warp through music history. Imagine the grunting at the hunt-beating of a drum-blowing through a reed-plucking a string-clashing cymbals in a temple-chanting in a monastery-singing in polyphony-fiddling at a fair-dancing minuets-conducting with a cane-donning opera wigs, trumpeting at the court-bowing violins-penning symphonies-inventing clarinets-pedaling pianos-expanding orchestras-plodding opera elephants-tranquilizing Gymnopedies-rioting at the Rite-raining on Quartet for the End of Time–integrating serialism-springing Appalachia-waiting for 4’33”-mesmerizing Lux Aeterna… … … … … …”

From Jubalatte Bible Study, The Christian Performance: The Audience

(Image by Peter H from Pixabay)

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